Any one of us could suffer a knock-back in life because of accident, injury or illness that threatens our independence. Our trained reablement teams support people of all ages and needs to regain their skills and confidence at home, reducing or removing all together the need for ongoing care.

Returning home after a spell in hospital can be daunting for anyone, especially where they have lost physical strength or confidence in their own abilities, sometimes in relation to the simplest of tasks. Our expert reablement teams comprise specially trained support staff who work in partnership with occupational therapists, physios, nurses and a range of other professionals to work with the individual in achieving a smooth transition to partial or full independence.

Unlike some other approaches to care support, reablement places a particular emphasis on supporting the individual to help themselves. Short and long-term goal-setting allows the service user to make small steps towards independence. Supported by our experienced and highly-trained staff, the individual will, day by day, stretch the limits of their capability in line with agreed goals, at each step regaining skills and confidence. Progress is closely monitored and the reablement plan adjusted as necessary to respond to the service user’s changing abilities.

Department of Health data shows that successful reablement programmes reduce the need for long-term care, with 68% of people no longer requiring any care at all upon completion of the programme. Talk to Help at Home about how we could make just such a difference to you or your loved one.

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